A sustainable nights sleep

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This story is about eco mattresses and the benefit of buying one. It also is about the environmental impact mattress production and disposal has on the environment

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Picture this: you just had a long day of work, you finally come home, get ready for bed, and ultimately knock out. But have you ever thought about what the mattress you sleep on every night is made of?

There is always a more sustainable way of living. Almost every aspect of your life can become more sustainable. Today, I will talk about your mattress and the kinds of impacts they have on the environment.

Mattresses are made from a wide range of materials, including organic ones such as cotton and wool, and synthetic fibers such as polyurethane. Polyurethane, a plastic material often used in furniture, bedding, and carpets, is popular for its flexibility and durability. The issue with the development of mattresses in both organic and synthetic materials is due to fossil fuel use. However, the massive size of mattresses and the extensive need for mattresses generates tons of greenhouse gases, polluting our planet and contributing to climate change.

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