Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.45 is out now, with some new Blue Mage content

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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.45 Blue Mage

I’m BLU, da-ba-dee

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.45 arrives today, as an interstitial content patch adding a plethora of side content. The big draw for 6.45 across all players is probably the new Variant Dungeon, but Final Fantasy XIV is also adding some more to do if you’re feeling Blue.

The Blue Mage crew of Final Fantasy XIV gets a sizeable content drop today. The specialized class, built around learning magic from monsters and undertaking full-Blue challenges separate from the usual Duty structure, gets a level cap bump up to 80. Alongside that, Blue Mages have a new series of spells to discover and learn, and new quests to undertake. And thanks to the heightened level cap, the content will run all the way to the end of Shadowbringers, and then some.

I’ve been poking around the new spells as other Blues discover them, and it looks like you’ll definitely want to be through all of base Shadowbringers and into the post-launch patches. The Eden raid series also looks to have some spells to pick up, so unlocking those through normal means first will help.

A new Variant

But if you’re not a Blue Mage fan, there’s still some content to play today. The Mount Rokkon Variant Dungeon has been added, with new encounters to take on and loot to plunder. Those cosmetics are slowly being discovered by players as well.

Surprisingly, we also got a new hairstyle in 6.45. Reports seem to indicate it works for all the player races, too.

And of course, for those working on the Manderville weapons, the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures quest line continues. It will probably continue to escalate and get stranger, as those quests do. (I’m still fairly early on in the quest line, but enjoying it a lot.)

You can find the full Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.45 notes here.

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