Social MMO Palia’s gameplay reveal left me excited to fish

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Palia gameplay first look shows off fishing, hunting, gardening, and more

The term “social MMO” is always a scary one for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea. But in practicality, many games have tried but none have quite succeeded in creating a fun social MMO. I’ve been following Palia since it got announced a couple of years ago. The developer, Singularity 6, is made up of industry veterans from companies like Blizzard, Riot, Zynga, and Sony. With that sort of track record, it seems like this team is well-set to pull off their goal.

Earlier today Singularity 6 gave the world an official first look at the gameplay in Palia. And while I certainly still have some questions, I can at least say I’m excited to move into Kilima Village and explore the world of Palia.

Palia Fishing

Screenshot via Singularity 6/YouTube

Did you say fishing?

There’s an old saying, that an MMO is only as good as its fishing system. Not really, but there’s clearly something really fun about a well-done fishing mechanic in an MMO. Even Destiny 2 recently added fishing with their Season of the Deep. The fishing in Palia looks very chill and relaxing, especially when you add the social component.

You see, fishing with friends isn’t just for the camaraderie in Palia. Fishing near friends causes you both to receive a buff to angling over time. Furthermore, if you spot someone struggling to reel in a tough catch, you can literally cheer them on, helping them successfully bag the fish. Apparently, more than one person can offer encouragement. I can’t wait to have a crowd around me cheering me on as I wipe the sweat from my brow and hoist a small sunfish over my head.

Palia Social MMO Cooking Screenshot via Singular

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