Meg 2: The Trench Review – All Those Teeth and Still No Bite

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Five years ago, The Meg came out and was a pleasant summer-ending surprise. Placing its tongue firmly in its cheek for 113 minutes, the watery spectacle allowed us to watch the ever-watchable Jason Statham go mano-a-mano with a 75-foot shark. The idea behind the movie (which was based on a much more sober-minded novel by […]

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You know the difference between Will Smith and any other young star of the mid-90s? He makes alien policing look good. As new recruit Agent J, Smith brought perfect energy to bounce off of crusty veteran Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones. With those two in the lead, Men in Black became an instant classic, brimming with buddy chemistry as the titular agents hunt down a rogue bug alien played by a transcendent Vincent D’Onofrio.

And yet, it took one of the most powerful men in Hollywood to get Will Smith on board. The rapper-turned-actor was a known quality during the long pre-production of Men in Black, having transitioned from sitcom star of The Fresh Prince of BelAir to blockbuster star with the back-to-back hits of Bad Boys and Independence Day. So when he was pitched a role in a Barry Sonnenfeld-directed adaptation of a little-known comic book, Smith decided to pass.

Speaking with comedian Kevin Hart on the talk show Hart to Heart

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