Streaming Comedies Need More Episodes

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Television comedies have come a long way from the multi-camera sitcoms of the 1950s. The streaming era has given writers the ability to explore different ways to tell their stories beyond the traditional structure of network comedies. Shows like The Bear, Barry, Russian Doll, WandaVision, and Ted Lasso blur the lines between drama and comedy […]

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Paris has been the backdrop to many a great romance, and in Heartstopper, that’s no different. A school trip to the French capital in season two is the site of an instant connection between boy…. and bookshop. When Isaac Henderson sees Shakespeare and Co. on the banks of the River Seine, it’s love at first sight. He’s punch-drunk in its aisles, wandering around with wide eyes, balancing an ever-growing stack of titles in his arms and basking in the literary sunshine.

It’s not as though Isaac didn’t come to Paris pre-stocked with books (it’s a good job the schools travelled by coach and not air – you could hardly ask this teen to load up a Kindle). The boy’s never seen without a paperback. Reading is part-obsession, part comfort-blanket to him. Books, as they are for a lot of us, are his shield against the world.

Here’s (almost) every book Isaac’s seen reading in Heartstopper season two, plus a few extras featured in the show.

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Ace of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

This Young Adult thriller by a British-Nigerian author tells the story of Devon and Chiamaka, two Black students from opposing social backgrounds who are admitted to an elite, majority-white private school. There, they’re targeted by a malicious campaign of bullying and must work together to uncover the truth about who is trying to destroy their lives. Like Nick in Heartstopper season two, Devon has to negotiate his own coming out story, but under much more sinister circumstances.

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