There’s a Clear Reason Why Oppenheimer’s Dialogue Can Be So Hard to Hear

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Most modern moviegoers consider Christopher Nolan to be one of the greatest directors of our generation. But that claim comes with a caveat about the treatment of dialogue in his films. Ever since Batman grumbled something about not wearing hockey pads in The Dark Knight, audiences have criticized Nolan’s sound design, with some complaining that […]

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When the late author Terry Pratchett, and Rob Wilkins – then his personal assistant, now head of Pratchett’s literary estate – visited a Somerset school to see a production based on one of Pratchett’s novels, they were met with a surprise.

“There’s a school in Bruton, just north of where we live and we were invited along for a school play” remembers Wilkins, speaking to Den of Geek on the set of the Good Omens TV series on which he serves as Executive Producer. “We were sitting in the Headmaster’s office. The Head of Drama came to see us and was going to take me and Terry along to go into the school hall where everyone was present, ready to put on a performance of Johnny and the Dead.

“As we were walking along, I realised that the Head of Drama was one step behind, then two steps behind, then three steps behind the Headmaster and was deliberately pulling me back from Terry and the Head. I wondered what was going on. And eventually they turned the corner and she stopped me and said, ‘Look, just to let you know, we haven’t gone for Johnny Maxwell. It’s going to be a Jenny Maxwell’. And I said, ‘Okay, but I’d better warn Terry’, thinking, ‘Yeah, I dunno about that’.

“So I sidled down next to him in the front row, leant over, and I said, ‘Terry, just so you know, no surprises, it’s gonna be Jenny Maxwell’. There’s a little bit of a pause and he turned to me and said, ‘Just to let you know, if I was to write those books right now, there is no doubt in my mind that I’d have written Jenny rather than Johnny’. And that was a lovely moment”.

More than just a lovely moment, it’s confirmation that Terry Pratchett

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