Tips to sustainable travel using the Internet

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#Vanlife is a great way to live and work remotely for a year or two

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Van life under the stars

#Vanlife is a great way to live and work remotely for a year or two

Traveling around the world on a shoestring budget means you can travel longer and work less to save for your trip. While it’s hard to ever become the No Impact Man there are ways to live on a shoestring, eat simply, buy like a spendthrift and enjoy your time meeting new people instead of shopping at Home Depot to repair the house that holds you while you work. 

The first thing you need to know, and I am sure you have heard about it, is that booking sites for rental cars, airfare and hotels use tracking software to know from which country you’ve entered the site and they can count how many times you check prices on a page. Notice the prices going up higher every time you check? 

It’s not likely such a demand for what you want but the company knows you are checking and automatically puts the price up every time. There are a handful of reliable VPN companies you can use to block your l

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