A peek into my current workout routine + a new strength training series

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Changing seasons in life call for different kinds of workouts and adjustments to wellness routines. At Lindywell, we’re all about honoring the season you’re in, meeting your body where it is, and adjusting as necessary. My season of life is changing which is why I want to share what I’m currently doing in my workouts, …

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benefits of wall sits

The benefits of wall sits go much further than just getting you through the dreaded middle school PE tests! While not all fitness challenges have stood the test of time, wall sits are still one of the most effective ways to build strength in your core and lower body. 

That’s why I love this movement. At Lindywell, we love efficiency and a wall sit is exactly that. It’s also simple, requiring no equipment or space (just an empty wall!), and can help tone your body, challenge your endurance, and boost your confidence. Yup, all of that!

Plus, it only takes one minute each day to see these results. If this exercise isn’t part of your movement routine already, allow me to convert you. Here are five undeniable benefits you can experience from doing a wall sit for just one minute per day. Make it a consistent habit, and I’m confident you’ll notice the difference, both mind and body.

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